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UV-C Disinfection for Air & Surfaces • video

By Anthony Capkun

JOIN US for “Seize the Power of Light to Disinfect the Air, Surfaces & Water”, an important webinar brought to you by the lighting experts at Signify and Electrical Business Magazine.

This is a recording (edited) of a webinar that occurred October 27, 2020.








We are living in unprecedented times. In the face of a global pandemic, germicidal UV luminaires utilizing Signify UV-C technology offer a layer of disinfection against bacteria, viruses, and fungal spores.

Air and surface disinfection can play an important role in a broad range of applications, such as schools, offices, industry, (food) retail and museums.

Learning objectives

Safety first: UV-C disinfection systems, lamps, and devices must be installed with appropriate safety measures in place.

No two applications are the same: With different dosage calculations by pathogen and theoretical guidelines by solution type (upper air versus surface), it is important to work with UV lighting experts to build out the most optimal solutions for your specific application.

Improve overall safety while optimizing cleaning time: Germicidal UV luminaires and solutions can help facility managers contribute to safer environments for staff and customers by improving overall cleaning coverage, optimizing the time required, and saving on cleaning supply costs.


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