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What’s new in the 2018 Canadian Electrical Code, Part I

January 9, 2018 | By Anthony Capkun

For over 90 years, the Canadian Electrical Code, Part I (CE Code) has been the backbone of Canada’s electrical safety system – a system that works hard by design to keep installers, regulators, consumers, and their families safe from harm. Updated every three years to reflect the latest advances in technology and other major developments, this original, authentic Canadian-based safety standard aims to help maintain safety while improving productivity and facilitating innovation.

Although the importance of the CE Code remains constant, readers will notice that the content in the latest edition, which was released earlier this month, is significantly different from the last. Over 260 updates and revisions have been made to:

• Reduce confusion and duplication through clearer, streamlined requirements;
• Help ensure safer installation and maintenance of electrical equipment; and
• Support the safe implementation of new technologies and clean energy systems.

Some of the major changes include:


• A new sub-section of rules for Power over Ethernet (POE) cables.
• The installation of an identified conductor at each control location for energy management system control devices.
• Disconnecting means for certain LED luminaires.
• Tamper-resistant receptacles in other areas where children may be present.
• Mandated ground fault circuit interrupter protection (GFCI) for electric heating devices and controls near wet areas.
• The addition of demand factors for electric vehicle energy management systems.
• New requirements in Section 78 to help prevent electric shock drowning. These include GFCI and ground fault protection for branch circuits and feeders respectively.

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