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AFL launches Noyes OPM5 optical power meter

May 19, 2010
By Anthony Capkun


May 19, 2010

AFL says the Noyes OPM5 optical power meter is suitable for both multimode and single-mode applications, boasting it is a full-featured, hand-held meter designed for measuring optical power in premise, telco and broadband networks. The OPM5 allows you to organize loss measurements into multiple files; the Wave ID feature automatically detects and sets the wavelength(s), preventing setup and measurement errors. By eliminating the need to test each wavelength individually, the OPM5 aims to increase efficiency, reduce technician errors and save testing time. With a PC analysis and reporting tool, you can apply industry standard-based rules to test results and create certification reports. In addition, network Pass/Fail results demonstrating compliance to industry standards can be generated and illustrate headroom.



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