Are you struggling to determine whether your team is actually doing what they say they are doing? Are you stressed out and doubting your leadership skills because your project deliverables are constantly delayed? Is your business in chaos?
High-frequency noise interfering with data and control signals? High-voltage spikes causing system failure? Premature motor bearing failure?
Avoid the income rollercoaster by mastering your marketing. To do that, join EBMag and our Level Up columnist Andrew Houston in the 3rd webinar of our 4-part series “Blueprint to Profits, Systems & Time” to learn specific strategies to help improve this area of your contracting business.
Are you a contractor who is constantly struggling to quote profitably? Do you know what margins you need to make a desirable profit from your quote?
March 9, 2017 - Are your dimmable LED installations behaving themselves? Did you know every LED fixture or lamp has its own unique dimming curve, or that—depending on the driver design—dimmable LEDs can cause a very high inrush compared to normal current draw?
Are you constantly working crazy hours helping out your team and wearing too many hats, only to see little to no progress in your business?
January 18, 2017 - Do arc flash and shock PPE requirements give you a migraine?
November 11, 2016 - Still need a New Year’s Resolution? Look no further! Resolve to join Andrew Houston and EBMag in our January webinar to learn strategies for plugging the leaks and stopping issues regarding your time and team, profits and cash flow, and marketing and sales. WATCH THE RECORDING (above).
September 27, 2016 - Commissioned in response to stakeholder concerns related to Prompt Payment and “effective dispute resolution” nearly two years ago, Bruce Reynolds has finally released the results from his “expert review” of Ontario’s Construction Lien Act. So what, if anything, will change? WATCH THE RECORDING (above).
August 31, 2016 - Reduce arc flash AND create a safer inspection? That’s where airborne ultrasound comes in! WATCH THE RECORDING (above)*.
July 11, 2016 - Safer workplaces start with the ins and outs of Risk Assessment, and undertaking this practice at the design stage will significantly help you reduce the likelihood of a dangerous event. WATCH THE RECORDING (above).
July 5, 2016 - DID YOU KNOW... a measly 5% decrease in profit can put you out of business? Is your business profitable? Do you even know? WATCH THE RECORDING (above).
March 9, 2016 (Updated August 12, 2016) - A recent survey shows 74% of contractors want to retire within 10 years, yet most have no retirement plan. As a contractor, will you be able to afford the lifestyle you want when you retire? WATCH THE RECORDING (above).

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