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Areva TD awarded contract under Riel initiative

October 24, 2009
By Anthony Capkun

Areva’s T&D (www.areva-td.com) division in Canada has won an engineering and procurement contract to supply Manitoba Hydro (www.hydro.mb.ca) with a 500/230 kV air-insulated switchyard at Riel Station east of Winnipeg.

The project forms part of the utility’s Riel Reliability Improvement
Initiative, which aims to improve the reliability of electrical
transmission to Winnipeg and Southern Manitoba. Under the initiative,
the new Riel Station will increase reliability by creating an alternate
point at which electricity imported from the United States at 500 kV
can be injected into southern Manitoba’s 230 kV transmission system.
The 500 kV high-voltage transmission line, which currently operates
between Dorsey Station northwest of Winnipeg, and Forbes Station in
Minnesota, will be segmented at Riel to create a seamless link between
Dorsey, Riel, and Forbes.

The station will also include equipment manufactured by Areva T&D,
such as high-voltage circuit breakers, disconnect switches, instrument
transformers, medium-voltage switchgear, substation protection and
control, and automation.

“We’re very proud to continue our long-term relationship with Manitoba
Hydro, one of the largest energy utilities in Canada and Manitoba’s
major utility, and to support them in their strong focus on reliable
and efficient electrical transmission,” said Michel Augonnet, executive
vice-president of Areva T&D’s Systems Business.




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