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Best Practices – EV Charging Station Installation & Troubleshooting (education)

June 20, 2022 | By Anthony Capkun

June 20, 2022 – During our training/education session on June 16, 2022, Sean Silvey helped get attendees as ready as possible to tackle Level 1 and 2 electric vehicle charging stations by sharing Best Practices for EV Charging Station Installation & Troubleshooting.

Sean is a product application specialist with Fluke, and he joined Electrical Business Magazine to talk about how EV charging installations represent a wealth of new opportunities and additional revenue for electrical professionals who have the right knowledge, skills and tools to handle this work.

We reminded all attendees that this session was to be interactive—to bring their questions and comments—and you did not disappoint! I don’t think we’ve ever experienced such a passionate and interactive group. For that, a sincere Thank You from Sean, Anthony, and Chehalis.

Our session begins with simple premise: EVs are here to stay, and their market penetration and adoption continues to expand. The time is ripe for electrical pros to not only learn how to install electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE), but also how to troubleshoot. After all, if the EV charger refuses to charge, how do you know the charger is at fault? It may be the vehicle.


Sean walks us through this and more, and happily takes questions and provides commentary along the way.

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