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“Building a sexual harassment-free workplace” for a safer electricity sector

January 24, 2024 | By Anthony Capkun

January 24, 2024 – With the aim of fostering constructive dialogue and improving the participation of women and other groups in the electricity industry, Electricity Human Resources Canada has launched a series of tools and resources to help the sector develop “practical and promising solutions” to sexual harassment in the workplace.

“Creating safe spaces and structures for having open and transparent conversations will go a long way in fostering truly inclusive workplaces,” said Michelle Branigan, EHRC’s CEO, while unveiling EHRC’s “Building a sexual harassment-free workplace” initiative.

In partnership with the Department of Justice Canada, “Building a Sexual Harassment-Free Workplace” delivers a set of practical tools and resources to help electricity industry stakeholders prevent and address gender-based harassment & violence in various workplace settings and situations within the sector.

While people of any gender can experience GBHV in the workplace, EHRC insists women are at increased risk: a significantly higher percentage of women have experienced harassment, violence, or bullying in their electricity sector workplace—at least once a month in the last five years.

Available on EHRC’s website, the available resources, tools, and supports include things like:

• Infographics, articles, videos, etc., that provide background information on various GBHV topics.
• Tip sheets, assessment sheets, etc., that support the practical application of knowledge and skills.
• Case scenarios, interactive presentations, reflection, assessment opportunities, etc., that help mentors/allies apply their knowledge and skills.
• Narrated and non-narrated slide presentations, interactive presentations, and videos.

These supports can be customized and used by all industry stakeholders, says EHRC, including employers, unions, and learning institutions. In some cases, these tools and resources can bolster the materials an organization may have already created; in others, they can be used as a springboard for organizational culture change.

Electricity Human Resources Canada is the leading provider of human resources research and intelligence for the nation’s electricity sector. Its primary goal is to strengthen the ability of the Canadian electricity and renewable energy industries to meet current and future workforce needs.

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