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Code Conundrum June 2018 • Ray Yousef

July 27, 2018 | By Ray Yousef

July 27, 2018 — Tackle June 2018’s Code Conundrum…if you dare!

In a dwelling unit’s panelboard, what is the maximum mounting height for the overcurrent protection device handle?

a) 1.5 m
b) 1.6 m
c) 1.7 m
d) 1.8 m

Moulded-case circuit breakers are permitted to be located in a Category 2 location so long as they are contained within a NEMA-1 enclosure.


a) True
b) False

Unless it forms part of a motor-operated device, a portable motor shall be permitted to be connected using flexible cord of a serviceability not less than that of Type S.

a) True
b) False

Answers to this month’s questions in July/August’s Electrical Business. MEANTIME, here are the answers to the May 2018 Code Conundrum!

Question 1
Conductors for equipotential bonding shall be permitted to be installed as open wiring, provided they are adequately secured.

a) True. Rule 10-702(1), CE Code 2018.

Question 2
Which of the following insulated wires can be marked permanently with a green colour to be used as a bonding wire?

d) #1AWG. Rule 4-032(1), CE Code 2018.

Question 3
The maximum voltage for a class 2 circuit is:
d) 150 V. Rule 16-200, CE Code 2018.

How did YOU do?

3/3 = Master Electrician
2/3 = Journeyman
1/3 = Apprentice
0/3 = Bricklayer?!?

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