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Code Conundrum Summer 2023

August 22, 2023 | By Ray Yousef

Tackle the code conundrum if you dare!

August 22, 2023 – Welcome to the newest round of questions that test your knowledge of the CE Code-Part I. Answers will appear in the October 2023 edition of Electrical Business Magazine, and online at EBMag.com under Features.

QUESTION 1 – What is the maximum mounting height to the overcurrent device handle of a panelboard in a dwelling unit?

a) 1.5 m
b) 1.6 m
c) 1.7 m
d) 1.8 m

QUESTION 2 – Conductors for equipotential bonding shall be permitted to be installed as open wiring, provided they are adequately secured.

a) True
b) False

QUESTION 3 – The maximum rating for a circuit breaker protecting exposed wiring for permanent outdoor lighting circuit is:

a) 15 A
b) 20 A
c) 30 A
d) 40 A


ANSWERS to Code Conundrum, June 2023 edition.

QUESTION 1 – When a PV recombiner is more than 7.5 metres from the inverter, the disconnect:

a) Shall be rated to interrupt the load
b) Shall be installed within 2 metres of the recombiner
c) May be integral with the recombiner
d) All of the above. Rule 64-060.
e) Is not required

QUESTION 2 – The ampacity of a communication cable marked “-LP” is determined by:

a) Table 60
b) The ampacity marked on the cable. Rule 16-330.
c) A qualified person
d) Any of the above

QUESTION 3 – Raceways that are less than 2 metres above grade and subject to mechanical damage shall:

a) Be of rigid steel type
b) Protected by location
c) Protected by steel guards (min. 10 MSG), secured in place
d) Any of the above. Rule 12-934.

How did you do?

3 • Seasoned journeyman
2 • Need refresher training
1 • Apprentice
0 • Just here for fun!

Ray Yousef is a code engineer with Ontario’s Electrical Safety Authority.

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