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Controlled Power UltraLITE Model ELC emergency lighting inverter

January 23, 2010
By Anthony Capkun


Controlled Power Co.’s UltraLite Model ELC compact centralized emergency lighting inverter features, says the company, one of the smallest cabinet footprints in the industry. It is a no-break system, with regulated output and transient voltage protection for LED lighting, electronic ballasts, and other lighting applications and life safety systems. Model ELC contains UL 924’s 90 minutes of battery backup in a 22 x 11.75-in. D cabinet. Available in 600W to 2kW single-phase sizes, Model ELC maintains critical lighting systems, providing uninterrupted, regulated, continuous sinewave output for use with Normally On fixtures and exit lamps, and standby output for use with Normally Off emergency lighting fixtures.


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