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Editor's Note 
As process automation continues to streamline repetitive tasks, it is important to remember—especially in industrial, factory settings—to establish a strong, robust electrical and communications infrastructure.
- Anthony Capkun, Editor-Publisher

Who better to service industrial IoT than electrical designers and electricians?

If you are among those in the electrical, instrumentation, and controls realm who are considering how Industry 4.0) will reshape your business, your career—your world—you are not alone. For electrical/I&C infrastructure installers working in industrial settings, this requires understanding the unique characteristics of these challenging environments well enough to design and install robust and reliable IP infrastructure systems to support the Industrial Internet of Things.

Two fundamental principles for making great industrial cybersecurity decisions

To accelerate their digitalization journeys, manufacturers are implementing innovative networking technologies to capture, transmit and, ultimately, transform industrial data into meaningful insights. On the plant floor, this responsibility is increasingly falling to the in-house electrician who must specify, install and maintain the sensors, actuators, and other communications devices that enable machines to talk to each other.

Sponsored Spotlight 

Improve your Climate Control Efficiency by upwards of 90%

At Rittal, we recognize the importance of maintaining ideal temperatures for your technology. Our climate control solutions are engineered to meet this essential requirement, guaranteeing consistent and dependable performance in any setting.
With our high-performance Climate Control Solutions, you can expect the following benefits:
   • Reduced Downtime
   • Extended Equipment Lifespan
   • Improved Performance
   • Enhanced Reliability
   • Energy Efficiency

Our solutions expert will work diligently to connect you with the nearest partner who can assist in creating a customized solution tailored to your specific needs.Learn more by visiting our link dedicated to Climate Control Solutions!
» Explore more...

Rise of the machines! (in prefab, that is)

If you haven’t put much thought into why you might purchase a cobot for your prefab shop, now is a very good time to do so. Designed to work alongside human operators—where they collaborate on part of the overall manufacturing process—collaborative robots (cobots) have never been more versatile and safe, and provide so many benefits, including an ROI that has never been faster. » Read more

How is Deloitte’s Canadian smart factory and warehouse redefining the future?

One of the smart factory’s most striking features is its fully automated production lines. Robots handle everything from retrieving parts from the warehouse to assembling them to preparing final products for shipment. Manual work is only necessary for maintenance and management. In fact, automation is less about replacing humans and more about filling roles they no longer want. » Read more

Creating “innovative technologies” in automation, robotics at SAIT

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology is establishing the Alternative Construction Technologies Centre—a new facility that will bring together the manufacturing, automation and robotics, materials science, and construction sectors “to create innovative technologies used in the construction industry”. » Read more


Rittal Blue e+ fan-and-filter units assure enclosure operational security

Rittal’s latest generation of fan-and-filter units promise to enhance operational security for enclosures. The new Blue e+ units feature an emergency cooling function and “innovative, smart climate control features”. » Learn more


Rittal offers AX and KX enclosures in stainless steel

The stainless steel portfolio simplifies installation, says Rittal, providing ease for mounting system components and accessories. Door-operated switches, cable conduits, and enclosure lights “can be effortlessly installed on rails, ensuring a swift and secure setup”. » Learn more