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District energy system modernization in National Capital Region

Ottawa launched construction of the Modernized Gatineau Energy Centre—one of four sites that make up the federal district energy system, which provides heating for 80 buildings and cooling for 67 in the National Capital Region (NCR), including the Parliament buildings. This work is part of the $3.8-billion Energy Services Acquisition Program (ESAP), which aims to modernize and decarbonize the federal district energy system.

Educating electrical contractors on EVs and residential grids

Eaton has expanded the residential demonstration area within its Experience Center in Pittsburgh, Pa., to help educate electrical contractors, builders, utilities and homeowners on the latest technologies for home automation, connectivity and energy management. “Our goal is to take the mystery out of electrical power systems [...] while demonstrating the possibilities of using the Home as a Grid,” said Dan Carnovale.

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Lawrence Livermore fusion experiment achieves energy break-even

A team at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s National Ignition Facility (NIF) conducted the first controlled fusion experiment to achieve energy break-even; meaning, it produced more energy from fusion than the laser energy used to drive it. LLNL’s experiment surpassed the fusion threshold by delivering 2.05 megajoules (MJ) of energy to the target, resulting in 3.15 MJ of fusion energy output, demonstrating for the first time “a most fundamental science basis for inertial fusion energy (IFE)”. » Read more

Free National Energy Code training for contractors

NRCan’s Office of Energy Efficiency reports the availability of free, self-directed online courses on the 2020 National Energy Code of Canada for Buildings (NECB 2020), which includes a specific session for Contractors. “If you work in the commercial or institutional buildings sector—especially if you’re a contractor or building designer—these courses are for you,” says NRCan, which worked alongside the National Research Council of Canada and CSA Group to develop these materials. » Read more

Tax credit for energy retrofits in British Columbia

In British Columbia, a new tax credit targeting multi-unit residential and commercial buildings will save owners 5% on energy retrofits. “Building owners want to reduce the energy use of their home, office or retail space, but the upfront costs of these retrofits can be a challenge for people,” said Selina Robinson, Minister of Finance. “This Clean Building Tax Credit will help owners of larger—often older and energy-inefficient buildings—invest in cleaner energy retrofits by putting dollars back into their pockets.” » Read more

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• Durability: They are resistant to corrosion, UV radiation, and flames.

• Safety: They are non-conductive, enhancing worker safety.
• Cost-effective: They have lower material and installation costs than traditional materials.
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IES Annual Conference

August 3-5, Schaumburg, Ill. » More info

ECAO Annual Industry Conference

September 17-21, Boston, Mass. » More info

The Utility Expo

September 26-28, Louisville, Ky. » More info