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Double the size of your talent pool

One of the top issues negatively impacting construction contractors right now and into the foreseeable future is a shortage of skilled labour. Attend Women in Construction 2023 on March 8 to learn successful strategies from our expert moderators and panelists for both recruiting women and retaining them in your construction business... plus, how to tackle and overcome issues of harassment in the workplace.

E.B. Horsman & Son opens new Port Kells office

The Western Canada-based electrical distributor has opened another corporate office, this one located at #215–9440 202 Street in British Columbia. At over 7000 sf, the new office space “is in response to the company’s increased growth in customers, employees, and partners, as well as the increased demand for E.B. Horsman & Son’s services”.

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100% Canadian Distributor Aartech Canada

Looking for a distribution partner? Celebrating 20 years in business, Aartech Canada distributes a wide range of smart home, security, networking, audio/video and electrical devices from the brands you know and love - and some you haven't seen yet. We aim to help you grow your business by introducing new and relevant products and technologies, providing dealer training and product certification classes, local Canadian support, and in-house resources.

Visit www.aartechpro.ca to learn more and become a partner today.
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Take over the family business... with Electrician Simulator

“Electrician Simulator is something entirely new in the gaming industry. The game takes direct inspiration from the real work of electricians but, naturally, certain elements have been simplified. After all, it’s a game focused on relaxation and fun,” said Take IT Studio!’s Dorian Loewe. In the game, you play a novice electrician taking over the family business. The gameplay focuses on carrying out various jobs—mostly consisting of story-based missions—and repairing items in the workshop. » GAME ON!

Direct current presents a strong case for energy-efficient buildings

It’s been over 100 years since we started primarily transmitting electricity via alternating current, despite the fact that technology, devices, and infrastructure have changed dramatically since then. According to Physics World, a growing fraction of the electricity consumed in modern buildings is now either “consumed as DC or passes through a transient DC state on its way to being consumed”. Which begs the question: Should AC electricity remain our standard? » Read More...

“Why are we limiting our ability to achieve net-zero?”

Canada’s net-zero pathway requires a suite of complementary, local, low-carbon energy solutions that are not being adequately pursued, argues QUEST Canada. “What we really need is a more comprehensive net-zero dialogue,” says Tonja Leach, executive director. “We must shift the conversation […] by building on electrification with the inclusion of a diversity of local low-carbon energy solutions.” » Learn more...

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Helping construction electricians prepare for the Red Seal Exam

The Red Seal Exam for Construction Electricians can be quite demanding, especially for those who completed their studies a while ago. To help you get ready for the challenge and improve your chances of success, CSA Group developed an online study and practice tool - the Canadian Electrical Practice Exam (CEPE). More than 2,400 questions help you learn the electrical concepts, practice, and simulate the exam so that you build your knowledge and confidence before the exam. » Learn more...



April 19-20, Montreal, Que. » More info