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Enercon develops new 4MW platform

April 29, 2015 | By Renée Francoeur

April 29, 2015 – Enercon has developed a new wind turbine platform in a 4MW segment.

The first model in the E-126 EP4 platform is the 4.2 MW (nominal power) model designed for wind class IEC IIA—with a rotor diameter of 127 metres. The machine was presented for the first time earlier this month and prototype installation is planned for late 2015 and serial production for 2016. A low-wind, IEC III model and a high-wind IEC class I model are scheduled to follow, Enercon said.

“The new Enercon 4 MW platform is an intermix of innovative technology and intelligent modular design for optimised efficiency and reliability,” said Enercon managing director Nicole Fritsch-Nehring. “Systematic sophistication of the tried-and-tested components, increased use of identical parts and standardisation of components are key factors of the new platform concept. The new turbine design is an outstanding product. Not only does it feature highest quality standards but also maximum efficiency, lower sound emission and reduced project realisation time through optimised production, logistics and installation processes.”

The E-126 EP4 is expected to generate an annual output of approx. 14.8 million kilowatt hours at sites with an average wind speed of 7.5 metres per second at 135 metres hub height, Enercon stated.


It features two-part rotor blades, equipped with trailing edge serrations (TES), which are part of the noise-reducing concept, according to Enercon. The overall sound power level of the E-126 EP4 is 105 dB(A).

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