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Legrand Wiremold raceway laser level and cutting guide

October 18, 2010 | By Anthony Capkun

Legrand/Wiremold has introduced a way to “improve the ease and accuracy” of installing Wiremold 500 and 700 Series raceway with the metal raceway laser level and cutting guide. The cutting guide, which attaches to a stepladder with a thumb screw, provides a secure channel for the saw so that cuts are straight and true (it also accommodates 1/2-in. conduit and 3/8-in. threaded rod). Once sections have been cut to length, the laser level ensures the raceway will be perfectly aligned horizontally and vertically. The level works with both boxes and raceway fittings; use it to properly align the box base on the wall, then slide the device over the base tongue and establish a level line as a guide to make holes for raceway mounting clips. The laser level also has a guide slot that connects to corner fittings, ensuring a 90º angle. The level uses built-in magnets for attaching to metal surfaces, and push pins for drywall.


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