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Litecontrol VCOptic VC1 and VC2 Lenses

January 5, 2010 | By Alyssa Dalton

Litecontrol says the VCOptic lenses, VC1 and VC2, were engineered for maximum visual comfort. The VC1 lens is available in the Arcos M-5 as well as the Latitude-L, Latitude-C and Latitude-LS fixtures. The optical film uses microlens structures to direct and shape the transmitted light. This diffusion produces uniform brightness, says the company, with controlled luminances, while obscuring lamp images and controlling the intensity distribution. The VC2 lens uses microprism technology in an acrylic lens to control the luminance, create uniform brightness and obscure lamp images. It is available in Litecontrol’s Vivid fixture.


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