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How to Quote Profitably and Efficiently • VIDEO 2/4

By Renée Francoeur

Are you a contractor who is constantly struggling to quote profitably? Do you know what margins you need to make a desirable profit from your quote?

If you think you just need to include your material cost and labour when you quote—disregarding your overhead expenses—you are making a massive error! This could equate to losing between $10K to over $100K!

SPECIAL Thank You to Schneider Electric. By stepping up to support our delivery of these training sessions, Schneider Electric shows how deeply committed it is to YOU and your success as a trades business owner.

About 94% of contractors are not pricing properly and, in the end, they’re working hard for nothing. Don’t let that be you! WATCH the RECORDING (above).

Join EBMag Level Up columnist Andrew Houston of Profit for Contractors in the second webinar of our 4-part series to learn how to create a step-by-step process that will guarantee you are pricing the job profitably.

This training webinar will help you map out the financial aspects of your quote and allow you to set budgets and targets so you are protected from losing profits.  
Takeaways include:

• How to get a 20-40% margin on every job
• How to get ahead of the competition by learning financial aspects to systematize
• No longer leaving 5% of your profits on the table when you quote (i.e. get a conversion calculator to help you master it!)
• How to calculate your selling price based on how many employees you have
• How to set a budget showing whether you are on- or off-track

This webinar occurred June 13, 2017, at 2 pm EST.

The FEE for this 1-hour webinar is just $25.

Andrew Houston is the owner and founder of Profit for Contractors. He has been consulting to trades business owners for nearly a decade, helping them improve their business skills so they can achieve their personal and business goals. A graduate of George Brown College, Andrew achieved Industrial Controls Licensed Electrician as well as Electronics Engineering Technologist.

For more webinars in this series, visit ebmag.com/webinars.
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