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Beacon Products UrbanLED Collection outdoor lighting

November 26, 2010
By Craig Pearson


Beacon Products’ UrbanLED is a collection of full-cutoff LED outdoor pole-mounted lights. A choice of four radial light-housing designs can be selected, in a range of three sizes, each with deep heat sinks and integral cooling fins. All light is directed outward in a reverse conical pattern down to the ground, without sky glow or light trespass. LEDs are individually lensed in clear acrylic and aimed by the factory, and are available in 24 32W, 36 48W, 36 60W and 36 80W radial arrays. Fixture housings are cast low-copper marine-grade corrosion-resistant aluminum, with extruded aluminum components. Integral LED drivers are mounted using non-ferrous fasteners and are enclosed in high-temperature, flame-resistant enclosures. They are output over-voltage, over-current and short-circuit protected, with automatic light recovery.


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