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Bosch Nailkiller auger bits

April 29, 2010 | By Anthony Capkun

Bosch’s Nailkiller auger bits employ a reinforced tip that “pushes” hidden nails to the side when the bit makes , and allows a more aggressive part of the bit to cut through the fasteners. The result is an auger bit that lasts, boasts Bosch, about nine times longer than the market-leading auger bit. The Nailkiller also reduces the torque reaction commonly associated with hitting hidden fasteners in deep-wood drilling applications, says the company; the bit’s dual-cutting edges enable it to slice through hidden fasteners twice per revolution, avoiding the kickback experienced when drilling with an auger bit with a single cutting edge. Most Nailkiller auger bits employ a 7/16-in. shank with power groove, which will fit any 1/2-in. corded drill, as well as impact drills equipped with quick-connect chucks. Other shank sizes are available for specialty applications.


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