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CCDA announces new strategic directions for 2015-2017

May 21, 2015 – The Canadian Council of Directors of Apprenticeship (CCDA) has announced its new strategic directions for 2015-2017. The council says it took stock of where it is with current initiatives when it met in early February and re-prioritized its work to complete these projects “so that they are sustainable in the long-term.”

The council said it would also be restructuring its strategic direction of the Red Seal Program, focusing on emerging priorities that matter to stakeholders.

The CCDA 2015-2017 Strategic Priorities are:

Strategic Priority 1 – Harmonization
Harmonize jurisdictional requirements, processes and tools for the apprenticeship training and certification of domestic and internationally trained trade qualifiers.


Strategic Priority 2 – Employer Engagement
Enhance employers’ participation and engagement in apprenticeship programs.

Strategic Priority 3 – Standards and Assessments
Implement enhanced standards and introduce efficiencies in product development and maintenance.

Strategic Priority 4 – Communications
Develop a strategy to clearly and consistently communicate the CCDA’s initiatives and apprenticeship opportunities to government and non-government stakeholders.

As a result of the delivery timeframes for certain CCDA initiatives, such as Harmonization, other ones will be postponed, CCDA noted.

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