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CEA paper explores current and future state of Canada’s electricity sector

May 11, 2011 | By Alyssa Dalton

May 11, 2011

We all know that electricity is essential to our lives – our homes, businesses and industries depend on it. But how we will choose to power Canada’s future is becoming the subject of much discussion.

The Canadian Electricity Association (CEA) has released a “forward-looking” discussion paper, How Will We Power Canada’s Future? Our Electricity System in Transition, which it claims presents a vision of Canada’s electricity sector, explores how to build our nation’s future electricity system, and offers policy considerations for realizing this vision.

It is available at KnowYourPower.ca under “the conversation” link or at from the landing page at electricity.ca.


According to CEA, today’s electricity system that serves Canada so well was built for a population of 20 million – and we are now reaching a population of 35 million.

“Canada must now make decisions about how to improve the existing electricity grid,” it stressed. “Our goal has always been sustainable, reliable and affordable power for all Canadians – but how do we get there? KnowYourPower.ca has been created to promote a dialogue – a place for thoughtful Canadians to learn more and to have their say on one of the biggest issues facing us today.”

“Through KnowYourPower.ca, and with How Will We Power Canada’s Future as the starting points, CEA hopes to stimulate the conversations, and ultimately the actions, that will make the Canadian electricity system’s bright and promising future a reality,” it added.

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