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Code Conundrum June 2021

July 6, 2021 | By Ray Yousef

Tackle the Code Conundrum... if you dare!

July 6, 2021 – Welcome to the newest round of Code Conundrum questions (from our June 2021 edition), which test your knowledge of the Canadian Electrical Code (CE Code) Part I.

Further down, you’ll find the answers to May 2021’s questions (at bottom). Answers to these new questions in our September 2021 edition (and here at EBMag.com).

QUESTION 1: The ampacity of the supply conductors from a small wind turbine system shall not be less than ___ of the maximum rated current of the generator.

a) 125%
b) 135%
c) 250%
d) 300%


QUESTION 2: In buildings for residential occupancy, two or more heating fixtures used for space heating are permitted to be connected to a branch circuit, provided the branch circuit overcurrent devices are rated not more than ___ .

a) 15 A
b) 20 A
c) 30 A
d) 40 A

QUESTION 3: The minimum headroom in working space around an elevator controller and disconnecting means shall be:

a) 1.6 m
b) 2.0 m
c) 2.2 m
d) 2.5 m

ANSWERS to Code Conundrum, May 2021 edition.

QUESTION 1: A Class 2 power supply unit may be installed in a wet location:

a) with no restrictions
b) only when marked as such – CORRECT – Rule 16-204, CE Code 2021.
c) only when equipped with GFCI protection
d) None of the above. Not permitted in wet locations.

QUESTION 2: Grounding conductors for electrical services are:

a) required to be electrically continuous
b) required to be mechanically continuous
c) allowed to be joined using approved components
d) A and B
e) A and C – CORRECT – Rule 10-116 (1), CE Code 2021.

QUESTION 3: The point of attachment of overhead supply service conductors shall be:

a) on the same side of the building as the consumer’s service head or equivalent
b) solidly anchored to the structure or service mast
c) in a position that allows the overhead service conductors or cables to angle away from the structure
d) in compliance with the requirements of the supply authority
e) all of the above – CORRECT – Rule 6-112 (2), CE Code 2021.

How did YOU do?

3 • Seasoned journeyman
2 • Need refresher training
1 • Apprentice
0 • Just here for fun!

Ray Yousef is a code engineer with Ontario’s Electrical Safety Authority.

This column—along with other great content—appears in the June 2021 edition of Electrical Business Magazine. Even more back issues are located in our Digital Archive.

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