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Convectair’s Connectair is an open, scalable, secure home ecosystem

November 21, 2017
By Anthony Capkun


Connectair unveiling, October 2017. Photo courtesy Convectair.

November 21, 2017 – Convectair, a manufacturer and distributor of electric heating systems, introduced Connectair—a digital device consisting of a wall controller and interface to connect any home device using the Z-Wave and Z-Wave Plus protocols, thereby centralizing their management.

With cloud capability, Connectair’s ecosystem includes elements such as heating, lighting, door locks, shutters and water valves, as well as security items. Through a simple platform, users can control their devices and create usage scenarios via phone, tablet, computer or wall control panel. According to the company, Connectair allows its users to better manage and reduce their energy consumption while maintaining the same level of comfort.

PHOTO: Connectair unveiling, October 2017. Photo courtesy Convectair.


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