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Eaton partners with FMX “to simplify maintenance and boost productivity”

July 7, 2023 | By Anthony Capkun

July 7, 2023 – Eaton announced it is collaborating with facilities and maintenance management solutions provider FMX to help industrial customers implement preventive maintenance programs in their facilities.

The Eaton and FMX solution enables customers to “automatically react” to predictive maintenance data from electrical equipment “to simplify maintenance and boost productivity”.

“Power distribution systems in facilities often do not show visible signs of deterioration, so intelligent maintenance can help avoid costly stoppages or safety issues,” said Eaton’s Kerry Tingley. “With the FMX collaboration, we’re leveraging our combined expertise to help customers move preventive maintenance practices forward by anticipating and addressing potential equipment issues before they can negatively impact operations.”

The solution supports power system health by combining intelligent equipment monitoring and analytics with automated scheduling, management, and reporting.

Analysts estimate that industrials can reduce maintenance costs up to 25% by implementing digitally enabled predictive maintenance technologies, says Eaton.

The solution is already being deployed at Eaton’s manufacturing facility in Beaver, Pa., and is yielding “valuable maintenance insights that save time and reduce costs”.

Eaton’s interoperable digital solutions help monitor the condition of new and existing electrical equipment to determine when and where maintenance should be performed, while the FMX CMMS can automate the scheduling of task assignments, track labour and inventory, and digitalize maintenance logs for improved accuracy and code compliance.

“At a time when organizations are facing labour shortages and rising operating costs, there is no better time to embrace digital solutions like FMX to create operational efficiencies, leverage data for improved decision-making, and extend the useful life of critical components,” noted Marc Stitt, FMX.

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