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IESO “Summit-Lite: Focus on Innovation” – June 2021

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June 22, 2021
Toronto (online)

Ontario’s IESO (Independent Electricity System Operator) invites you to its “Summit-Lite’ on June 22, 2021, calling it a “morning of forward-looking conversations on how innovation can help solve system needs, focusing on the advancement of distributed energy resources [DERs]”.

“Over the last several years, important, tangible progress has been made on enabling resources—like demand-response and energy storage—in IESO-administered markets,” says the agency. “As Ontario’s electricity system evolves, there is increased opportunity for innovative solutions—like distributed energy resources—to contribute to the reliability of the electricity system at the community and provincial level.”


• Welcome from IESO president & CEO, Lesley Gallinger.

• Randolph Brazier, Energy Networks Association (U.K.).

• Cara Clairman, president & CEO, Plug’n Drive, Aaron Lampe, president, Workbench Energy; Matthew Higgins, director, Integrated Planning and Modernization, Toronto Hydro. Panel moderated by Candice Trickey, director, Corporate Affairs, IESO.

• Katherine Sparkes, director, Innovation, Research & Development, IESO, and Ceiran Bishop, director, Strategic Policy, Ontario Energy Board.

• Shivam Saxena, president, Hero Energy & Engineering, and Pat Lo, senior manager, Partnerships, Innovation, Research & Development, IESO.

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