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Eye Lighting 39W Cera Arc CMH lamp line

January 23, 2010 | By Anthony Capkun

Eye Lighting has added a 39W model to its line of Cera Arc cMH (ceramic metal halide) lamps, which previously offered 70W and 150W ratings. Eye Cera Arc CMH lamps boast R9 values of 90 and CRI of 92—the highest, says Eye, in the industry. These values create rich colours, especially Red, says Eye, making them suited to grocery store meat, fish, produce and other displays. Rated at 3600K, Cera Arc blends well with fluorescent lighting in other parts of a store, claims the company. In addition to Red, Eye Cera Arc cMH lamps also promise brilliant Greens, Blues and Whites, and can be mounted in any position. (Appeared EBMag March 2010, Products)


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