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Fluke 190 series II ScopeMeter achieves 500MHz at 5 GS/s sample rate

February 14, 2013
By Alyssa Dalton


February 14, 2013 – The new Fluke 190 series II 500MHz ScopeMeter test tool claims to be the first to achieve a 500 MHz at 5 GS/s real time sample rate in a handheld, rugged oscilloscope, without compromising on safety rating or battery operating time. The two-channel 190-502 model is the latest in the 190 series II with bandwidth from 60MHz, 100MHz, 200MHz, and now, 500MHz. The 5 GS/s sample rate of the Fluke 190-502 boasts of providing greater accuracy and clarity of shape and amplitude of unknown waveform phenomena, such as transients, induced noise and ringing or reflections.