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Fluke introduces Link-Solutions for network connectivity testing

March 12, 2015 | By Renée Francoeur

March 12, 2015 – Fluke Networks recently unveiled Link-Solutions, a combination of network testers and cloud-based reporting, which in turn provides organizations “greater flexibility and convenience in how they manage their network connectivity test results.”

Based on Fluke’s LinkRunner and LinkSprinter hand-held network testers, Link-Solutions provides a way for “PC and front-line technicians, field-managed IT teams, system integrators and VARs to conduct copper, fiber and Ethernet tests and then manage their test results—regardless of which testers they used—via a unified cloud-based dashboard,” said Fluke.

The company also announced the availability of the LinkSprinter outside North America for the first time.

Link-Solutions is comprised of three products:


• LinkRunner AT Network Tester: a handheld tester, the LinkRunner AT provides a copper and fiber optic network testing solution, including network connectivity at 10M/100M/1G, link status verification, PoE loading, connectivity type and signal strength. LinkRunner also features a one-button AutoTest.

• LinkSprinter family of pocket-sized network testers: the new model, the LinkSprinter 300, measures cable status and length, and can also flash the hub port. One new feature common to both the LinkSprinter and LinkRunner AT devices is buffer size, which has increased to accommodate data up to 10 test results, rather than the previous maximum of four.

• Link-Live Cloud Service: tying together the test results from both the LinkRunner AT and LinkSprinter, this cloud service provides a view of all test results for a project in a single interface. Link-Live Cloud Service offers two subscription levels—a free “Essentials” service and a new “JobPro” service, which offers an expanded feature set for a subscription fee. The annual fee for the Job Pro service starts at $48 US/year and includes unlimited testing and support for up to 10 testers.

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