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General Machine Products offers cable feeding sheaves for cable into conduit

March 12, 2011 | By Anthony Capkun

March 12, 2011

General Machine Products Co. Inc. introduced cable feeding sheaves to its line of underground cable placement tools and equipment. These sheaves provide easy and unobstructed feeding of utility cable into conduits and innerducts, says General; simply slide a cable feeding sheave into the end of a conduit and rotate to align with the desired cable direction, allowing cable to be fed-in smoothly from any angle. No matter how many directions the cable path may take, GMP Cable Feeding Sheaves reduce time, physical strain, and cable slippage to maximize power and ease of placement. The sheaves are available in sizes that will accommodate 2-in. to 6-in. Schedule 40 and 80 ducts. Sheave rollers are available in either aluminum alloy or wear-resistant Nylatron, and they feature maintenance-free, self-lubricating bearings that produce a smoother cable feed. Note! General’s cable feeding sheaves are not designed for use with fiber optic cable due to bending radius requirements.



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