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How would you spend $2.75B+ on zero emissions transit?

May 3, 2021 | By Anthony Capkun

May 3, 2021 – The way CUTRIC’s president & CEO—Dr. Josipa Petrunić—explains it, the Canadian Urban Transit Research Innovation Consortium is a consortium of the “who’s who” of Canadian transit agencies, manufacturers, utilities, and some universities and government agencies, “that are dedicated to low-carbon, smart mobility technologies”.

In March 2021, CUTRIC hosted its Zero Emission Bus Technology & Transit Operations Conference. One of its goals was to help advise industry stakeholders on how best to invest the billions of dollars coming their way to achieve successful zero emissions transit solutions.

We connected with Petrunić to learn more about CUTRIC itself and some of the projects it works on (and with whom), and put to her the all-important question: How would you spend the billions of dollars coming to Canadian transit?


“We don’t really operate like a standard industry association, because what we do is we design projects,” she explains. “And so we work with a lot of competitors and transit agencies to design technologically complicated projects that need to be deployed in order to get over the hump of figuring out how all this stuff works, in order to get to mainstream procurements.”

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