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Lithonia’s P series of LED downlights include 4-in., 5-in. and 6-in. models

November 29, 2013  By Alyssa Dalton

November 29, 2013 – Acuity Brands’ Lithonia Lighting has extended its line of P series LED downlighting modules to include 4-in., 5-in. and 6-in. models, delivering an expected service life of 46 years.

Designed to fit most recessed can-style housings (4-in., 5-in. and 6-in.) for retrofitting, the dimmable LED downlights boast more flexibility with the most popular downlight sizes for residential and light commercial applications. Additionally, the new 4-in. downlight offers the same light output as a 65W incandescent lamp, says the company. The series boast the ability to connect up to 60 units on a 600W dimmer, versus comparable LED downlighting modules that only connect eight units.

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