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More energy, more sensors with GE’s 3.2-130 wind turbine

September 16, 2015 | By Renée Francoeur

September 16, 2015- GE’s 3.2-130 is the first product to be revealed under the company’s new 3MW platform. The turbine offers up to 20% increase in annual energy production, GE says, compared to the 2.75-120 model, with performance based on average wind conditions in Germany.

The 3.2-130 turbine offers a larger rotor diameter of 130 meters, improved load management systems and more efficient drive-train technology. The wind turbine can be combined with multiple tower technologies, enabling it to be tailored to site conditions. There are four different hub height options ranging between 85 and 155 meters.

“The 3.2-130 is the right product at the right time. With its high capacity factor, the turbine can offer efficient power supply in locations with low and medium wind speeds,” said Andreas von Bobart, general manager for GE’s renewable energy business in Germany. “With longer rotor blades and an updated load management system, the new 3-MW platform helps lower the overall cost of wind energy”.

GE’s 3 MW wind turbine platform feature a network of sensors on the turbines, which analyze tens of thousands of data points every second to evaluate the performance and efficiency of wind farms, improve service productivity and create new revenue streams for customers, GE explained.


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