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More young Canadians would work in electricity… if they knew about it

July 22, 2020 – Young people make up far less of the electricity workforce than other sectors, says Electricity Human Resources Canada, and its latest report aims to answer the question “Why?”.

The report, “Generation Impact: Future Workforce Perspectives”, was based on a survey of 1500 respondents across Canada between the ages of 18 and 36. This cohort’s perspectives on the electricity sector were mostly Positive or Neutral, and that Millennial and Gen Z Canadians are largely open to considering careers in electricity.

The biggest barrier is a lack of knowledge about the opportunities available.

To an industry looking to develop a pipeline of young talent, “Generation Impact” reveals opportunities for recruitment; key factors that Millennial and Gen Z Canadians seek in their ideal careers include fulfilling work, secure pay and the chance to be involved in innovative projects.


“The electricity sector is already home to the kinds of fulfilling and innovative careers that many in the Millennial and Gen Z cohorts are looking for,” said Michelle Branigan, CEO of EHRC. “Now it’s just a matter of communicating effectively about the opportunities and benefits out sector can offer.”

“Engaging young workers in Canada’s electricity sector is critical for developing the resiliency and innovation needed to support the transformation of Canada’s energy future,” said Seamus O’Regan, Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources. “The insights of this report will help to position the sector competitively to leverage the talent and skills of young Canadians.”

“Generation Impact” was funded in part by the Government of Canada’s Student Work Placement Program and Natural Resources Canada’s Emerging Renewable Power Program.

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2 Comments » for More young Canadians would work in electricity… if they knew about it
  1. The ratio of Apprentices to Journeymen has been 1:1 for too long now and needs to be changed to 2:1 immediately in order to get more young people into the electrical trade.

    • Larry Balfour says:

      I honestly believe Highschool Electrical courses should be reinstated into the choices
      students have available for their credits choices. Full courses would give them the
      General info they need and knowledge to possibly get into the Electrical Field. This
      decision is long overdue!!!

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