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Mott Electric GP provides more funding for women in electrical trades

The Construction Foundation of BC has announced a new wave of funding for the Mott Electric GP Women in Trades Training Fund, donated by Mott Electric GP.

Launched in 2017, the Mott Electric GP Women in Electrical Trades Training Fund has provided over $18,000 in financial support to women pursuing a career in the electrical trades. The fund covers the cost of program tuition and books and aims to reduce barriers to advancement opportunities for women as they work towards obtaining their Red Seal Endorsement.

Mott Electric GP’s intention in establishing the fund was to ensure that women are recognized as valued members of the industry. The company is focused on actively planning for the next generation and ensuring women have a place in the industry, which the company believes is key to creating successful workplaces and communities.

Ellisha Mott, vice president of Mott Electric GP said that the intent of the Training Fund is to broaden the understanding of the opportunities available. She added that opportunities in the electrical field are vast, and the level of technical skills and understanding that women bring to electrical worksites is highly valued.


“The Mott Electric GP Women in Electrical Trades Training Fund continues to support women’s participation rates in the electrical trades,” said Abigail Fulton, executive director of the Construction Foundation of BC. “Their continued commitment to supporting women in the industry through this fund is to be commended and celebrated.”

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2 Comments » for Mott Electric GP provides more funding for women in electrical trades
  1. William Graham says:

    My granddaughter got her Red Seal Steamfitter ticket this year and also the Journeyman of the evening year award

    Her mother is also a Certified Fiber Optic Specialist. An instructor and considered one of the best Fiber Optic splicers in the GTA.
    Neither had government help.

  2. It’s great to see companies supporting women in traditionally “male” trades. The next step is to encourage educational institutions to have campaigns to recruit women to even join these trades as there’s are intimidation and unfamiliarity factors that need to be eliminated.

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