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NEMA publishes LSD 55 Outdoor Lighting and Human Animal Factors

April 24, 2010  By Anthony Capkun

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) has published LSD 55-2010 “Outdoor Lighting and Human/Animal Factors: An Industry Opinion”—a white paper outlining industry concerns and opinions regarding the subject of light at night and outdoor electric lighting as related to humans, animals, energy conservation and the environment.

Developed by the NEMA Lighting Systems Division, LSD 55 also includes
recommendations, such as luminaire shielding to curtail excessive
uplight, glare and light trespass. The division asserts “that public
policy affecting lighting should be based on scientific evidence, not
opinions or conjecture”.

“Outdoor lighting plays a vital role in society, from aiding in safe
travel on roadways to providing for community and personal security,”
said Joseph Howley of GE who chairs the division. “In LSD 55, members of
NEMA’s Lighting Systems Division advocate for a scientific approach to
discussions on topics like correlated colour temperature and effects of
light on circadian rhythms of humans and animals. Fact-based
collaboration among interested stakeholders is crucial for achieving
future outdoor lighting changes that will benefit global climate,
ecology, astronomy and, potentially, human health.”

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