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Phoenix Capture fault current limiters protect existing switchgear and breakers

March 6, 2014 | By Anthony Capkun

March 6, 2014 – Capture fault current limiters from Phoenix Electric Corp. protect existing switchgear and circuit breakers by allowing them to operate within their original short circuit ratings, promising safer substations and a more reliable grid.

Through passively dynamic Faultron electron tube technology by Advanced Fusion Systems, Capture controls and regulates fault current levels. Automatically resetting in microseconds (or less), Capture eliminates the need for fuses, the manpower and expense of changing them, and the cost and hassle of stocking them, boasts Phoenix. Limiter ratings are factory-set to customer specs. 15kV and 27kV voltage class limiters have continuous current ratings up to 5000A and BIL ratings of 110kV for 15kV class limiters, and 150kV for 27kV class limiters. An optional integrated monitoring system provides current and voltage information, along with Capture’s operational status.

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