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RECAP – EBMag’s Tweets from Affiliated Distributors’ 2011 Meeting, Electrical Supply Div., 2011

October 12, 2011 | By Anthony Capkun

October 12, 2011 – EBMag’s editor, Anthony Capkun, attended Affiliated Distributors’ North American Meeting of the Electrical Supply Division in Las Vegas last week. It’s an important year for A-D, as they celebrated their 30th anniversary. And it was a treat meeting the founder of A-D, David Weisberg! While there, we posted Tweets in real-time to our Twitter Feed, including CEO Bill Weisberg’s address, and winners from the awards dinner ceremony. Below, we’ve consolidated all those Tweets for your reading pleasure (in reverse chronological order):

@AD_HQ #nam11 Bill Weisberg bestows surprise award to David Oldfather for being great for the Electrical Supply Division.

@AD_HQ #nam11 David Weisberg left presidency of Progress Lighting & started Affiliated Distributors at the age of 55.

@AD_HQ #nam11 Bill Weisberg honours the winner of A-D MVP Award 2011: his dad, A-D founder, David Weisberg.


@AD_HQ #nam11 Supplier Legacy of Leadership award for 2011 goes to A-D supplier & supporter since 1982, Leviton.

@AD_HQ #nam11 Affiliate winner of Legacy of Leadership award 2011 is A-D founding member Mayer Electric.

Supplier of the Year for Performance 2011 award goes to Omni Cable @AD_HQ #nam11

@AD_HQ #nam11 Affiliate of the Year Performance award goes to Shealy Electrical Wholesalers.

@AD_HQ #nam11 Best Conversion to an A-D Supplier award goes to Van Meter Industrial & Wheatland Tube for their win-win partnership.

@AD_HQ #nam11 Supplier of the Year Canada 2011 is Philips/Canlyte . Congratulations!

@AD_HQ #nam11 Chris Scott names Choice Electrical Supply Ltd. Affiliate of the Year Canada 2011. Congratulations!

@AD_HQ #nam11 Border States Electric takes Best Annual Planning Process award 2011

@AD_HQ #nam11 Supplier of the Year for Marketing Excellence: GE Industrial Solutions for its EV charger roll-out

@AD_HQ #nam11 brand new award tonight in honour of 30th anniversary: Legacy of Leadership award

@AD_HQ #nam11 Who will Chris Scott, VP A-D Canada, proclaim Canada’s Affiliate & Supplier of the Year ?

@AD_HQ #nam11 Dinner is wrapping up, and the awards ceremony will soon start!

@AD_HQ #nam11 EBMag has moved. We’re now at the top of Row 100. Looking forward to meeting you!

Lots of activity @AD_HQ #nam11 conference booth appts. And we’re here too! Anthony Capkun is at Table 609.

@AD_HQ #nam11 Bill Weisberg explains “We will be known by the company we keep”. We surround ourselves with market leaders.

@AD_HQ #nam11 CEO Bill Weisberg welcomes everyone as A-D celebrates 30 years. Congratulations! http://yfrog.com/g04yewfj

@AD_HQ #nam11 Chatting with the founder of Affiliated Distributors, David Weisberg… what a gentleman!

@AD_HQ #nam11 Delegates wait for the doors to open to lunch, & the keynote by CEO Bill Weisberg http://yfrog.com/nuufvoj

@AD_HQ #nam11 Photos from Affiliated Distributors North American Meeting, Electrical Supply Division, Day 1 http://bit.ly/oBUC58

@AD_HQ Dave Kinsella welcomes 1st-time delegates (affiliates and suppliers) to #nam11 http://yfrog.com/klx9fkfj

EBMag is looking forward to tomorrow’s awards dinner @AD_HQ #nam11 Who will prevail?

EBMag is @AD_HQ North American Meeting, Electrical Supply Division. Already met a number of fellow Canucks here in Vegas!

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