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Schreder Furyo roadway luminaire with Philips CosmoPolis system

August 22, 2010
By Anthony Capkun


Schréder Lighting USA’s Furyo is a luminaire designed for roadway and architectural lighting applications, and features Philips’ CosmoPolis lamp and ballast system. The multi-layer HIR reflector promises increased performance, while the Sealsafe optical unit is IP66 rated. The body is constructed with a self-cleaning protector made from tempered glass and sealed to the body of the luminaire and optical compartment. Furyo uses multi-layer reflectors to increase luminance, says Schreder, by 20% compared to anodized reflectors currently on the market. It is offered in a compact size with thermal compartmentalization for electronic ballasts; the design separates the control gear from the lamp compartment to provide longer life and better performance.


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