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Silfab Spa and Espe Srl join forces to establish solar farm developer Espe Sunparc Srl

April 8, 2011 | By Alyssa Dalton

April 8, 2011

Silfab Spa and Espe Srl have decided to integrate horizontally their competencies by founding Espe Sunparc Srl, a new company they say specializes in the development and installation of high-efficient photovoltaic plants in Italy and abroad. The two companies made this announcement after signing a joint venture agreement that establishes their equal participation in Espe Sunparc Srl with headquarters in Paviola, Italy, and Espe Sunparc America, a subsidiary in charge of operations in the U.S. and Canada, soon to be incorporated.

Silfab Spa is a vertically-integrated multinational provider of PV products and services based in Italy, while Espe Srl designs, produces and manages solar power plants.

With a joint industrial value and background in turn-key PV plants that amount to 150 MWp represented by the founding companies, they said that Espe Sunparc is already a qualified international EPC, which already in 2011 is predicting the development of solar plants for a total output of about 70 MW, 30% of these outside Italy, with an overall turnover of more than 100 million Euros.


“Today the photovoltaic sector consists of many actors and innumerable products,” said Tiziano Meneghetti, president of Espe, “only a few of these, however, are able to guarantee the quality of their products, based on tangible experience from three decades of operating in this field. Espe Sunparc is born from almost forty years of combined experience between Espe and Silfab. Our main concern is the serenity of our customers, and through our reliable and durable high-yield solutions, we can guarantee they’ll feel satisfied.”

“Through the creation of Espe Sunparc, we consolidate a collaboration with Espe that has stood the test of time,” added Franco Traverso, president of Silfab Spa. “This new venture allows us to integrate our experiences and converge in a single entity our know-how efficiently. I’m particularly proud to be able to play an active role in this new initiative that rounds off several years of work.”

Espe Sunparc said it has already initiated negotiations around supplies with major international modules manufacturers and other components providers in preparation for a tight program of initiatives in the upcoming months to come. It also noted that other projects are already in their implementation stage in Ontario.

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