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Southwire and Devo encourage electrical contractors to “Rip It”

October 1, 2012
By Alyssa Dalton


October 1, 2012 – Southwire Company and Devo, a 1980s punk/new wave band, are encouraging electrical contractors to “Rip It” with their remake of the classic hit song, “Whip It”. The collaboration has resulted in a new video that promotes Southwire’s SimPull Rip Chip disc, a system claiming to save time, while eliminating the need to use a knife to remove the stretch wrap placed around wire reels to keep them clean, dry and secure during shipping. The bright green SimPull Rip Chip disc claims to help remove shrink wrap in under 30 seconds and decreases the likelihood that a worker will be injured or will damage the wire while using a knife to cut the shipping plastic. The company lined up original Devo band members Mark Mothersbaugh and Gerald Casale to record ‘Rip It’ in Los Angeles earlier this year, while a number of electrical contractors have starring roles in ‘Rip It,’ singing the song and doing a Devo-inspired dance in hard hats. Scroll below to watch the video.


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