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1-m drop no problem for Fluke’s laser levels (3PR, 3PG, 180LR, 180LG)

September 20, 2016
By Renée Francoeur


September 20, 2016 – Fluke’s new “laser levels” are a line of professional-grade, precision tools that are designed to survive a 1-m drop and keep working, according to the company.

The family includes: Fluke-3PR (red laser) and Fluke-3PG (green laser). Accurate to 1/4 in. at 100 ft, they include a floor stand and the green laser is up to three times brighter, Fluke claims, than previous models.

Fluke-180LR and Fluke-180LG are self-levelling, horizontal- and vertical-cross line laser levels for accuracy to 1/8 in. at 30 ft.

Fluke-LDR and Fluke-LDG are laser line detectors for use in high ambient light settings with visual and audible indicators. The detectors are compatible with Fluke-180LR (Fluke-LDR) or Fluke-180LG (Fluke-LDG) models and include mounting brackets.


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