Canadian Electrical Awards


Nominate a noteworthy Canadian electrical installation or electrical safety champion.
“Hi Anthony, I’ve just received the hard copies of the magazine. Wow! What a wonderful article you have written.

First of all, we want the thank you for the important work you do in promoting workplace safety both through the thoughtful articles you write and publish, and through this new safety award you are sponsoring. By sharing the different ways that companies build their safety cultures, you inspire us all to come up with new ways to keep workers and the public safe.

Also, thank you so much for sending the hard copies. We are giving each of our board members a copy and sharing the rest with staff. We are actually going to order ten more so the Employee Lounge will be well stocked.

Once again, Anthony, we really appreciate the contribution you are making to build a safer electrical industry.”
— London Hydro, Winner, Utility Category, 2015

Award Categories

The awards program recognizes this commitment across several categories:

  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Institutional
  • Residential
  • Special (something that, based on its uniqueness, stands apart from the crowd)
  • Electrical Safety Champion (see * below)

*The Electrical Safety Champion will remain a special category within the overall awards program. This award recognizes Canadian companies and individuals who are passionate about promoting the electrical health & safety of Canadian electrical workers. Rather than individual categories for Contractor, Maintenance Team, Utility and Individual, all submissions from any of these groups will be judged together to produce the Electrical Safety Champion.