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Bosch enhances small-angle grinder portfolio (GWS10-45, GWS13-50/60, GWS18V-50/45)

January 27, 2017 | By Renée Francoeur

The GWS18V-50.

January 27, 2017 – Bosch Tool Corporation has rolled out a lineup of small-angle corded and cordless grinders that feature a re-engineering of paddle-grip switches and more.

New motors, extending from 10A and 13A models to 18V, deliver more amperage than their predecessors, Bosch says, and many of the grinders also now combine longer carbon brush lifetimes, stronger motors, direct cooling and motor overload protection.

The longer multi-grip paddle switches ensure hands don’t obstruct the tool’s air inlets, the company adds.

The lineup includes:


· GWS13-60, 6-in. grinder featuring 13A and 9300-rpm,
· GWS13-50, 5-in. grinder featuring 13A and 11,500-rpm,
· GWS10-45, 4.5-in. grinder featuring 10A and 11,500-rpm,
· GWS18V-50, cordless 18V 5-in. grinder featuring 10,000-rpm and four-pole motor,
· GWS18V-45, cordless 18V 4.5-in. grinder featuring 10,000-rpm and four-pole motor.

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