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Dewalt chasing corded AND gas-powered tools markets

September 30, 2016 | By Anthony Capkun

September 30, 2016 – In case you missed our Tweets, EBMag was in Baltimore this past summer to check out the latest market solutions at the Dewalt Experience, which included a side-trip to Stanley Black+Decker to check out their offerings.

The big news of the event was the unveiling of the FlexVolt power tool and battery system. It promises power equivalent to corded tools, more runtime than Dewalt’s previous cordless tools, and supports the existing 20V MAX system as well as the new 60V MAX and 120V MAX tools.

The 20V MAX System benefits fully from the launch of the new FlexVolt battery, which provides up to 4X the run-time when used with those tools. Dewalt also launched a new range of FlexVolt accessories to complement the system.

Coming soon is the 9.0Ah FlexVolt battery, which is compatible with 20V MAX, 60V MAX and 120V MAX (2x60V) Dewalt tools. Current FlexVolt tools include 7-1/4-in. circular saw, 4-1/2 to 6-in. grinder, recip saw, 1/2-in. VSR stud and joist drill, 8-1/4-in. table saw, and 12-in. fixed head and sliding compound miter saws.


The FlexVolt pack automatically changes voltage as you change tools, and also comes with a special shipping cover that allows you to check it in with your luggage.

What else caught our eye?
When you watch the video, you’ll see there was a lot to cover. Of note, Dewalt has launched a line of job boxes in 60-in., 48-in., 42-in. and 36-in. sizes that are “married” to the ToughSystem storage system. After this box launch, the company is moving into piano boxes and field stations.

The 12-ton crimping tool accepts all U-type dies, so there’s no need to purchase a new proprietary set. A panel on the back of the tool shows when your crimp is complete, and also sports a USB port for downloading crimp data.

The new threaded rod cutter definitely caught our Twitter followers’ attention, with one asking us almost immediately when it will hit the market. The tool makes a clean cut, leaving behind clean threads for easy threading.

Speaking of threaded rod, Sean showed us the new HangerMate installation method with an SDS Plus compact rotary hammer (equipped with HEPA filter). While I sped up the footage here and there to move things along in the video, truth be told, the installation was pretty darn quick. Dewalt’s anchors and fasteners lineup will go to market at “Dewalt, Engineered by Powers”.

It wasn’t that long ago that Dewalt entered the outdoor tool space, with blower, hedge trimmer, etc. A new offering in this segment is the 60V MAX chainsaw, which I simply cannot wait to try out around the house. We’ll see even more outdoor tools in 2017, says Dewalt.

Jobsite lighting is another segment in which Dewalt is moving. One platform of note is the Large Area Lights, which can be controlled via your phone. You can even use your app to create schedules for groups of lights.

Until next year…
To get more insights into these and the other many solutions from the Dewalt Experience 2016, check out the video, and visit our Twitter feed and scroll down to June 21, 2016. You can also search the Twitterverse using the hashtag #FlexVolt.

* A big thanks to the folks at Dewalt—especially Chris—for organizing my trip and taking great care of me while in Baltimore.

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