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Doug Helmer Single-Dwelling Residential Electrical Service Panel Calculator

March 2, 2011 | By Anthony Capkun

March 2, 2011

EBMag has just learned of a new, FREE online form that calculates the proper conductor sizes, meter base, etc., for a Canadian single-dwelling residential service panel. It was developed by Doug Helmer, who says he started working on this project over two years ago. “For two or more weeks, back in 2008, I […] got it so that all the calculations worked, but from a design and layout perspective, it was pretty rough,” says Helmer. At the time, Helmer concedes, it only worked in the browser Firefox. He tackled the initiative yet again in December 2010, and successfully tested the calculator in all internet browsers. Now he invites you to CHECK IT OUT HERE. If you use it, take a moment to leave a comment to let Helmer know what you think of it.

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