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Fluke Networks application troubleshooting guide

November 10, 2008
By Alyssa Dalton

Fluke Networks has a new publication, the “Application Troubleshooting Guide”, that aims to help network engineers understand how applications flow across the network and how they fail, and provides a five-step process for troubleshooting application problems when they occur.

94-page guide helps users solve the problem of identifying whether the
cause of performance degradation is coming from the client, servers or
network, or the behaviour of the application itself. It covers the
basics with sections on TCP Protocol, for example, and the life of a
packet and DNS lookup.

Fluke says readers of the guide will learn how to:

• Determine the domain of the problem and exonerate the network.

• Conduct an application flow analysis.

• Fix the problem.

• Validate the fix.

• Document the fix.

CLICK HERE to download the guide free of charge.

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