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GE microEntelliGuard trip unit in Spectra SG600 and SK1200 breakers

September 9, 2010
By Anthony Capkun


GE’s new microEntelliGuard trip unit is offered in GE Spectra SG600 and SK1200 circuit breakers, and backwards compatible with existing Spectra MicroVersa Trip breakers. The microEntelliGuard trip unit promises “the most flexible time-current curve-shaping in the industry for system coordination”, instantaneous ZSI (Zone Selective Interlocking) for selectivity, waveform capture and event log, and reduced energy let-through (RELT) for arc flash protection. It also boasts a simple HMI (human machine interface) based on the same platform as EntelliGuard TU trip units, optional ground fault trip or alarm with multiple slopes, and more. GE spec engineers are available to assist end users and consulting engineers with system design.



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