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GE’s GP100 line of rectifiers big on power conversion efficiency

May 25, 2015 | By Renée Francoeur

May 25, 2015 – GE’s Critical Power business has introduced its GP100 line of power rectifiers, providing data- and power-intensive three-phase applications with what it says is the industry’s first compact, 1U, 54V AC-to-DC power rectifiers. The line includes GE’s GP100R module for data center and telecommunications rack or cabinet mounting and its GP100M for embedded data, networking and industrial power supply solutions.

The rectifiers feature a power capacity of 6kW and take up less than half of the space required to install similar products, said GE, enabling two GP100s to be mounted together in 1U of rack space. This combination of power capacity and reduced footprint provides a power density of 12kW per 1U, making the GP100 the “highest density three-phase power supply available today,” the company stated.

The rectifiers also can be paralleled into packaged systems ranging from 12kW to 432kW, providing power to applications such as 48kW power bays and cabinets.

“Three-phase rectification frees system designers from the burden and complexities of phase balance and offers a simple, swappable solution,” said Karim Wassef, general manager of Embedded Power, GE’s Critical Power business.


The product line also helps eliminate potential single-phase balancing issues as power requirements grow by ensuring that electrical phases grow in equal increments, GE said.

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