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Ideal Industries Tuff-Rod poles promise to cut time and hassle of running cables

August 29, 2013
By Alyssa Dalton


August 29, 2013 – Tuff-Rod push/pull poles from Ideal Industries claim to simplify the task of running cables above ceilings, down walls, under raised floors, or through hard to access voids and cavities. Described as flexible yet strong, the poles can be used with a variety of cable and wire types, including speaker and telephone wire, twisted pair data cables, fiber, thermostat, coax and general electrical cables. The Tuff-Rods are made of non-conductive fiberglass rods to help protect the installer from electrical shock, and are designed to be threaded together to achieve a maximum length of 30 ft. Three attachment-ends extend the rod’s versatility: the J Hook; the Bullet tip; and the Wisp head.

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