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Is bigger better? With Haliade-X 12MW offshore turbine, GE says “Yes”

March 1, 2018 – GE Renewable Energy unveiled its plan to develop the Haliade-X, saying it will feature a 12-MW direct drive generator and produce 45% more energy “than any other offshore turbine available today”.

The company will invest over $400 million over the next 3-5 years in Haliade-X development and deployment. Rising 260 metres, the turbine will sport a 220-m rotor and 107-m blades (check out the infographic below). One Haliade-X 12-MW turbine is expected to generate up to 67 GWh annually.

The Haliade-X platform is designed to offer greater efficiency in generating power from available wind, boasts GE, with a 63% gross capacity factor. This promises more energy per MW installed. GE Renewable Energy aims to supply its first nacelle for demonstration in 2019, and ship the first units in 2021.